Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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PAGEONE Group Sets New Benchmark, Winning 9 APAC Stevie Awards


PAGEONE Group Sets New Benchmark, Winning 9 APAC Stevie Awards


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PAGEONE Group, an award-winning PR agency in the Philippines, bagged nine remarkable awards from a prominent international business award-giving body—the 2024 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.

On April 10, the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards announced their winners for this year, spotlighting different agencies and companies in the region, including PAGEONE Group.

The public relations company’s exceptional passion and dedication to quality work were established, securing three Gold Stevies Awards and six Bronze Stevies Awards.

For the three Gold Stevie Awards, PAGEONE Group clinched recognition with its exceptional works in various categories.

The company was able to ace the Innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility category by showcasing a campaign to take part in agricultural initiatives through educational programs on digital skills and facilitating their entry into online markets.

PAGEONE Group also made it to the top under the Climate Protection and Sustainability Campaign of the Year category, wherein they pursued educating people on maintaining a healthy environment and achieving a waste-free future.

Wrapping up its three Gold Stevie Awards, the company also bested the Innovation for Lifestyle Videos and Innovation in Media Relations categories as they feature the beauty of some of the provinces in the country. The said campaign has also gained bronze recognition for its exceptional work in media relations.

For the Bronze Stevie Awards, PAGEONE Group gained a position in the Innovation in the Use of Celebrities or Public Figures category with its groundbreaking movement of using influential voices such as bloggers to bring focus on crucial societal issues that spark a call to action.

Furthermore, the company was also recognized with a Bronze Stevie Award in the Innovation in Annual Reports and Community Relations or Public Service Communications category for promoting strategic and innovative programs for sustainability. In addition, the company also received recognition for its endless support in promoting unity within the company.

Other than campaigns and programs, PAGEONE Group also celebrated the notable recognition that was given to its esteemed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ron Jabal, DBA, APR, as he won the Bronze Stevie Award for the Thought Leadership category.

This recognition was given to individuals who showed exceptional dedication to leading their team and championing innovative concepts in the industry.

“Receiving this award is both an honor and a privilege to stand by our mission as a company. Our company, PAGEONE Group, together with the employees, will continue to support our clients and strive for the presence of PR in our country. With me is a team that will always persevere to become trustworthy in service.” Mr. Jabal said.

The success achieved this year is another milestone for the company, earning another set of recognitions from such a prestigious award-giving body. This has proved that the PAGEONE Group solidifies its goal of building reputation and relations not only for its company but also for its clients.