Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Surviving Hybrid Setup Within An Agency In 2024


Surviving Hybrid Setup Within An Agency In 2024


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During the pandemic, significant changes occurred worldwide, particularly in the realm of workspaces, with the introduction of the hybrid setup aimed at minimizing casualties during the unprecedented health crisis.

Over time, businesses have found this flexible arrangement to be advantageous for their workforce, especially considering the adjustments people made to their lifestyles during the pandemic. However, it has also posed challenges for employers, as monitoring employees’ progress is primarily relegated to online platforms.

The work-from-home model presents a range of advantages and disadvantages for both employees and employers. The hybrid setup allows employees the flexibility to work at their preferred pace and saves them money by eliminating the need for commuting between their homes and offices.

Similar to other scenarios, drawbacks inevitably accompany the hybrid setup, potentially diminishing motivation as employees may grow bored with their routine tasks. Additionally, the dispersed use of technologies in different locations poses cyber risks beyond a company’s control.

Navigating through such challenges throughout the year proves to be demanding for businesses, particularly those reliant on frequent meetings. As a competitive public relations firm in the Philippines, PAGEONE Group remains committed to fostering productivity within teams despite the hybrid setup.

To sustain motivation and nurture professional relationships between supervisors and employees, PAGEONE Group incorporates engaging activities for its staff, allowing them moments to decompress and avoid being overwhelmed by workloads.

Beyond enjoyable activities, the company organizes diverse seminars aimed at refining employees’ skills, offering a means to both alleviate stress and acquire new knowledge. This proactive engagement from both employees and employers has notably spurred the staff to excel in their work, contributing to the company’s growth and achievement of goals.

Effectively managing an agency involves more than just recognizing employees for their roles within the company. It is crucial to understand their individual needs and desires and to devise activities that can support their growth and excellence in their respective fields. This approach is vital for identifying the team members who will drive your business toward greater success.