Sunday, February 25, 2024
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‘Great Place To Work’ Emphasizes Essence Of Purpose To Sustain Employees’ Growth

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With the changing needs and preferences of individuals, the award-giving body “Great Place to Work” disclosed in its recent research how employers can maintain employees by helping them find their purpose.

After evaluating the situation of employees from different parts of the world, an international organization has come up with a study to help companies grow their employees, which can also boost the growth of their business.

In the report conducted by Great Place to Work, it was shown how employees commonly find their worth in their jobs and its importance for them to stay in the company that they are in.

To know the essence of their role, the organization comes up with three questions that can help the employer evaluate if its workers are bound to stay with the company. These questions were, “Are you proud of where you work? “Do you find meaning in your work?” and “Do you have fun at work?”

These questions were set to provide the openness of employees to their supervisors on their concerns, which may be addressed to have a healthy relationship between the growth of the business and employees.

The organization’s report also emphasized that these questions have revealed that individuals nowadays prefer to spend their time in a more meaningful way, which is why they demand to see their purpose when it comes to work for them to see that they do not waste their time and skills.

To promote a better environment for employees and companies, The Great Place to Work has recommended businesses tackle the importance of their team with the growth of the company. In this way, it will assure them that their role has a specific value in running the business.

Also, it was highlighted by the organization to prioritize this matter rather than looking into the businesses’ competitors because the organization believed that it would be more beneficial for companies if they would fix the concerns within their scope before looking into what’s outside their coverage.

The Great Place to Work is an organization that gives recognition to companies from all over the world, including the Philippines, for their initiatives to provide a safe and better environment for their employees to work in.


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