Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Stevie Awards Opens New Program Dealing With Technological Advancement


Stevie Awards Opens New Program Dealing With Technological Advancement


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Highlighting the presence of technology in today’s generation, the Stevie Awards unveiled its newest award program that covers accomplishments in the world of technology.

Announced during the first half of the year, the Stevie Awards finally opened their platform, “The Stevie Awards for Technology Excellence,” to provide recognition to individuals, teams, and organizations that are dealing with technology and other advancements in different sectors.

One of its categories deals with advertising, marketing, and public relations technology, wherein it spotlights marketing technology, or MarTech, which covers different software and tools that are utilized to provide marketing goals and objectives.

This complies with the growing presence of digital marketing campaigns that are commonly presented by almost all companies worldwide.

The Stevie Awards for Technology Excellence will be open for entries this March 21 and will have an early bird deadline on May 2. The award program will be accepting entries up until June 28 and will have its winners announced on August 7.

The said award program is facilitated under the Stevie Awards and has the goal of giving credit to various businesses worldwide as they make positive contributions not only to their consumers but to the whole society.

To get to know more about the guidelines and entry fees for the said award program, you may visit their website at