Saturday, July 20, 2024
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PAGEONE Introduces “Flea Market Philippines” Campaign, Highlighting Sustainable Living


PAGEONE Introduces “Flea Market Philippines” Campaign, Highlighting Sustainable Living


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PAGEONE, the most-awarded public relations agency in the Philippines, has announced the launch of “Flea Market Philippines: A Community for Sustainable Living,” a pioneering campaign that seeks to establish a vibrant community for sustainable living while providing a platform for individuals to buy and sell second-hand goods.

In collaboration with BrandPlay Inc., PAGEONE is dedicated to shaping a more sustainable future and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12, which focuses on responsible consumption and production.

PAGEONE President Vonj Tingson expressed the agency’s commitment to sustainability, saying, “With ‘Flea Market Philippines,’ we are taking a bold step towards promoting responsible consumption and production. This campaign is not just about buying and selling; it’s about fostering a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to reducing waste, making conscious choices, and contributing to a more sustainable future for our country.”

BrandPlay Managing Director John Frederick Cruz shared his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “BrandPlay is honored to collaborate with PAGEONE because achieving responsible consumption and production requires a collective effort. We encourage everyone to actively participate in the ‘Flea Market Philippines’ online community, where you find new treasures and play a crucial role in building a greener, more sustainable Philippines.”

The “Flea Market Philippines” campaign transcends the typical online marketplace. It serves as a hub for eco-conscious individuals passionate about reducing waste and promoting responsible consumption.

By creating a space for the exchange of second-hand items, the campaign not only minimizes environmental impact but also fosters a sense of community where individuals come together to share, trade, and cultivate a culture of sustainability.

As “Flea Market Philippines” takes center stage, PAGEONE and BrandPlay Inc. are proud to contribute to the growing movement toward sustainable living and responsible consumption, proving that small individual actions can collectively lead to significant positive change. For more information about the campaign and to get involved, please visit or follow PAGEONE at