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Join The 3rd ESG & Sustainability Strategy India Summit 2023 This June


Join The 3rd ESG & Sustainability Strategy India Summit 2023 This June


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India, recognizing the paramount importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments, has been diligently striving to establish itself as a global leader in sustainable growth. Over the past year, India has made significant efforts to implement robust strategies and initiatives that align with its sustainable development agenda. Building upon these foundations, the Indian Budget 2022 – 2023 aims to accelerate sustainable growth, promote the digital economy, drive the energy transition, and advance climate action. These endeavors focus on achieving macro-economic growth while ensuring micro-economic inclusive welfare development.

Commencing in April 2023, it will be mandatory for the top 1,000 listed companies in the country to produce a business responsibility and sustainability report as part of their annual financial reporting. Organizations are already embracing international standards and frameworks, such as integrated reporting guidelines produced by the Global Reporting Initiative and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, while aligning their efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In this context, the highly anticipated 3rd ESG & Sustainability Strategy India Summit emerges as one of the nation’s premier conferences, providing a common platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to convene. The summit will foster insightful discussions on key challenges, exchange best practices from across India, and explore compliance with regulatory guidelines, all while highlighting the latest innovations in sustainability.


  • Transitioning to a circular economy: ESG investment strategy and outlook.
  • Impact of ESG ratings on corporate financing.
  • Sustainability, ESG, and global supply chains: The outlook for 2023.
  • Waste Management: Innovative approaches by companies and investors to minimize waste.
  • Future ESG requirements and proactive steps for companies to prepare.


  • Understanding forthcoming ESG requirements and preparing for compliance.
  • Defining ESG performance metrics that appeal to investors.
  • Communicating your organization’s sustainability story effectively.
  • Developing strategies for achieving Net Zero emissions.
  • Learning from companies that have successfully integrated diversity and inclusion into their corporate culture.
  • Exploring emerging trends and engaging in discussions on climate change.
  • Gaining insights from companies that have embraced ethical and sustainable business practices.
  • Networking with industry experts, sharing experiences, and gathering innovative ideas to drive sustainability in your organization.

The 3rd ESG & Sustainability Strategy India Summit 2023, which will be held at the Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport on June 21-22,2023, promises to be a landmark event for all stakeholders invested in shaping a sustainable future for India. Join us as we exchange views, explore recent case studies, and together pave the way for a more sustainable business landscape.

For more information about the 3rd ESG & Sustainability Strategy India Summit 2023 and to register for the event, please visit