Friday, July 19, 2024
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IPRA Welcomes A New President, Highlighting The Presence Of AI


IPRA Welcomes A New President, Highlighting The Presence Of AI


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Welcoming another year, the board of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) celebrated the announcement of its newest president, Nataša Pavlović Bujas, who spotlighted the involvement of artificial intelligence in public relations.

Disclosed as the new president for 2024, the IPRA Chain of Office has recently conducted a ceremony to celebrate her appointment. At the said event, the participants were able to deliver their warmest regards to Bujas and be recognized by a prestigious and wide-ranging public relations organization.

Along with the celebration of her appointment, Bujas has highlighted the continuous growth in the field of online platforms and technology as she emphasized the relevance of AI in today’s era of public relations.

In her speech, the new IPRA President questioned participants if they are inclined to use this technological advancement when it comes to sharing information, as she encapsulated it with the feeling of entering a new era—an advanced and diverse generation.

“We are entering a new era not because of me but because of AI. Artificial intelligence again brings to the surface the issues of trust and ethics,” IPRA President Nataša Bujas said.

Before her leadership for IPRA, Bujas was known as the founder of the integrated communications and business consulting company Blumen Group, giving her experience in strategic communications, brand development, and market positioning.

Her 25 years of experience have shown her eligibility to gain the title of president for such a prestigious international award-giving body.

Nataša Bujas will have her term from January 1 up to December 31, recognizing the prior term that IPRA presidents render.

Photo Credit: Nebojsa Babic & Orange Studio