Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Heads Up! London Design Awards Open for Entries Until May


Heads Up! London Design Awards Open for Entries Until May


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Opening its floor for another set of entries this year, the international award-giving body London Design Awards is set to accept entries up until May.

Highlighting creative and innovative projects all over the world, the London Designers Awards disclosed plans to open its platform for this year’s participants for the award.

The award-giving body imposed its regular deadline on March 8, while its final deadline will be on April 2. To also give ample time to the participants, they have given a final extension deadline of May 10.

Participants will have to comply with their designated fees, depending on the date that they land within the given deadline. The fees are also determined by whether the entries have additional categories or whether the participant will submit additional entries.

The judging of the entries will be done right after the deadlines given, as the announcement of the results will be done by June 27.

Aside from the project recognitions that the participants may get, the London Design Awards will also have a special category for the company or participant that will have the highest score on their entries, giving it the esteemed title of “London Design of the Year.”

To note, all designers are allowed to join as long as they follow the eligibility period of five years for entries.

For more information about the award-giving body, you can refer to their website