Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Filipino Designer’s Banana Fabric Lands At New York Fashion Week


Filipino Designer’s Banana Fabric Lands At New York Fashion Week


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Filipinos are ecstatic and proud as the banana fiber of Davao del Norte has finally landed its place at the world’s most coveted runway of this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

While weaving is a unique method of displaying Pinoy culture, history, and art, banana is a valuable raw material that serves as one of the country’s major sources of income.

Joy Soo, Founder of The Musa Advocacy and Fashion Designer of Musa Fabric transformed bananas into world-class fashion designs that conquered the NYFW as the final walk of the 4 pm show.

Musa fabric, the Tagum city-based enterprise that creates the magnificent and world-class fashion pieces from the banana fiber was born amidst the 2020 COVID-19.

When numerous businesses were folding down because of the global pandemic, Joy Soo, took the risk of venturing the potential she found in these local materials upon the pursuit of her purpose of “recognizing her gifts and using them to contribute to the world and bring joy to everyone”.

Derived from the scientific name of banana, Musa is the first fabric in the province created through banana and abaca fiber.

Known for its versatility in making the remarkable high fashion Filipina-inspired couture clothing and accessories, MUSA Fabric is also recognized for its advocacy of producing artistic tribal vogue made of banana fiber behind bars and in the native homes of indigenous women in Davao del Norte. Woven and tailored by the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) in jail institutions/Women Community/Persons with Disability (PWD) and IPS/Lumad/Muslims in Davao del Norte.

New York, a home to several fashion icons that is also popularly known as the “Big Apple”, is a dream come true to brands and names in the fashion industry. Hence, Musa Fashion, having its New York Times Square billboard experience and slaying the actual runway in the New York fashion Week annual event brought Filipino pride to yet another international stage.

Amid her success, she also took her time to express her gratitude to her army of supporters and the people behind the success of MUSA fashion on her official Facebook account.

“I conquered the big apple proudly wearing my tribe, Davao Del Norte Philippines. I want you to know that this advocacy is not only mine, but it is all yours! We take pride in wearing our tribe to the world. To God, I give back all the glory,” she said.

Joy Soo, an entrepreneur/designer revealed that NYFW is only the beginning of Musa’s Fashion in the international fashion scene. As Musa Fashion hit a milestone, she also shared that the reward of hard work, dedication, and passion is giving back to the people who played roles in embarking on their journey.