Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Cannes Lions Awards Open For Entries This March


Cannes Lions Awards Open For Entries This March


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Expounding its initiative on promoting creativity within brands and companies, the international award-giving body Cannes Lions calls for entries for 2024 this March.

After giving recognition to brands and companies worldwide recently, the Cannes Lions Awards have disclosed that they will accept entries starting March 7 this year.

The said award-giving body has stated that they are open for entries up to March 21 and have an extended final deadline up to April 4.

The entries for 2024 will cover all the innovations that the award-giving season introduced this year, such as the Luxury and Lifestyle Lions, which are bound to recognize brands that create impactful creative work and business solutions under the luxury section.

The Cannes Lions Awards also expanded their innovation through their awards, as they include additional categories that highlight spaces tackling environmental, societal, and financial expansion.

For the public relations category, the Lion Award is set to widen its scope by recognizing businesses that deliver brand messages, change behavior, and engage more customers on a specific scale.

The award-giving body emphasized that these companies will be submitting through the “Excellence in PR Craft” category, which also expands its current section on PR Lions.

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