Saturday, July 20, 2024
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BuzzFeed To Expand Its Platform With The Growing Use Of AI


BuzzFeed To Expand Its Platform With The Growing Use Of AI


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Known to be a platform with a significant role in digital media, international online media and entertainment company BuzzFeed disclosed its goal for the wide usage of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop its company presence.

On April 9, BuzzFeed’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jonah Peretti, disclosed that their company will be into something great this year as it continuously builds a company that is available not only on social media but also on other platforms.

With this innovation, the media company highlighted the presence of AI in today’s generation and its importance in giving information to the audience. “I see a tremendous opportunity in front of us to build the defining media company for the AI era,” Peretti said.

BuzzFeed has observed that these advancements in this technology are a big plus for them to come up with a bigger medium, as they know that the preferences of the audiences may differ from time to time.

Their vision of providing AI in their platform was already tested on their side before as they had their first experiment on an AI-powered content module for the audience that roughly increased their page views by up to 24%.

Despite this innovation, BuzzFeed is still in the works on how they will balance these innovations to maintain or increase the engagement of consumers to their content.

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