Saturday, July 20, 2024
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APAC Tambuli Awards 2024 Open Nominations For ‘Youth Marketing Leaders Of The Year’


APAC Tambuli Awards 2024 Open Nominations For ‘Youth Marketing Leaders Of The Year’


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Intending to empower the field of marketing to younger generations, the Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards opens its nominations for this year’s special category for young marketing leaders.

In this generation, a lot of young individuals aspire to be successful in their ways, and one of them is in the field of marketing, as more and more youth are engaging in such a field.

With this growing population, the international award-giving body Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards once again opens its floor to accept nominations for recognizing young individuals who strive in the world of marketing through its “Youth Marketing Leaders of the Year” award.

The said recognition is included in its special categories, wherein they highlight young marketing professionals in the brand management field who have had notable performances and have contributed effective marketing programs to society. Other special categories, such as the Chief Marketing Officer of the Year and Corporate Communications Officer of the Year, were also disclosed.

The said individuals will do so not only through their companies and brands but also through their initiatives to create remarkable business results to help improve society.

The Tambuli Awards will open its platform for nominations from March 22 up until April 19. To nominate an individual, the nominator should provide proof that he or she is 35 years old or younger and has at least six years of experience in the brand management field.

To learn more about the nominations, you may refer to their website,