Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Adobe’s 2024 Small Business Branding Report Reveals Colors, Fonts, And Website Must-Haves


Adobe’s 2024 Small Business Branding Report Reveals Colors, Fonts, And Website Must-Haves


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Adobe Express releases its much-anticipated 2024 Small Business Branding Report, providing valuable insights into the latest online branding trends for small businesses. This comprehensive analysis, derived from the design of 930 small business websites, highlights key trends in colors, typography, and essential website features. Here are the key findings:

Dominant Background Colors: The report reveals a strong preference for neutral background colors, with white, gray, and blue emerging as the top choices. These colors contribute to a clean and professional aesthetic. Bright colors are strategically used to enhance readability and accessibility, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing design.

Popular Fonts: Sans serif fonts dominate small business websites, with 90% of sites opting for this clean and contemporary style. Open Sans, Roboto, and Montserrat are the most popular fonts, reflecting a wider digital design trend that prioritizes clarity and simplicity. While less common, serif fonts are employed to add elegance and improve readability in specific contexts.

Website Elements: For this area, photographs are present on 87% of websites, while call-to-action buttons are found on 86% of sites. Icons and illustrations are used on 47% of websites, adding visual appeal and enhancing navigation. Notably, only 37% of websites prominently display contact information, indicating a shift towards digital-first communication methods.

Social Media Integration: The report finds that 74% of small business websites feature their Facebook account in the footer, and 62% list their Instagram, highlighting the importance of social media in driving website traffic and engagement.

The report’s findings are based on data from 930 small business websites sourced from the SBA Franchise Directory. Tools like the ColorPick Eyedropper and WhatFont extensions were utilized to analyze color hex codes and font types. Additionally, traffic analysis using Ahrefs was incorporated to compare trends between high and low-traffic websites.

For more information and to access the full report, please visit Adobe Express.